Texas State Gun Mug

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Bring home a piece of the Wild West!

This unique novelty mug is sure to stand out in any collection. A traditional revolver replaces this mug’s handle, accompanying an all-over design with a rustic western charm. Perfect for a gift, or to personally cherish precious time spent here and appreciate the deep historical culture of Texas!


Why it’s perfect for you:


  • High-Quality mug with all-around print
  • Revolver Handle
  • Dishwasher safe


Coffee or Tea; we don’t judge! Whether you’re up before the sun like our cowboys, or refueling for a night on the riverwalk, this souvenir mug is a perfect addition to any coffee station or collection. Start your day with a little Texas pride, our secret to nonstop 11-day fiestas!! Take home this beautiful tribute to Texas Culture in mug form today!

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