San Antonio longhorn sugar skull shot glass


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¡Viva Fiesta!

Heading home, but not ready to let go of the sleepless nights of the city? No worries! This stunning gold-rimmed shot glass is perfect to keep the party alive. If our 11-day, internationally recognized festival is testament to anything, it’s that San Antonians know how to Fiesta better than anyone else. Take the vibe with you. This design features a floral-painted longhorn skull displayed on an elegant red backdrop.

Why it’s perfect for you:

  • Standard Shot Glass
  • Gold Rim
  • Floral, sugar-skull Longhorn design


Tequila or Vodka; we don’t judge! If you’re continuing the fiesta at home, this souvenir shot glass is a must-have addition to any barware collection or shot glass display. Kick off your evening with a touch of Texas spirit, our recipe for endless celebrations!! Grab this stunning homage to Texas Culture in shot glass form now!

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