Everything is bigger in texas shot glass


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Really… Everything!

We’re here to confirm: the sentiment behind the saying is true. More than just the sheer size of the state’s land mass, we’re proud of our big hats, big hair, and big personalities! While you’ve got to leave the locals here, you can take home our BIG ATTITUDE in a tiny shot glass to remember us by!

Perfect for a gift for that special, or to personally cherish precious time spent here and appreciate the deep historical culture of Texas!

Why it’s perfect for you:

  • Standard Shot Glass
  • Premium Decal


Tequila or Vodka; we don’t judge! If you’re continuing the fiesta at home, this souvenir shot glass is a must-have addition to any barware collection or shot glass display. Kick off your evening with a touch of Texas spirit, our recipe for endless celebrations!! Grab this stunning homage to Texas Culture in shot glass form now!

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